Virtual 3D Collaborations

UX Design


In the project Virtual 3D Collaborations a concept for online product reviews was investigated. In our concept, participants can join the meeting using virtual avatars on various devices, no matter if smartphone, laptop or VR glasses. Based on this idea, a prototype was created using Mozilla Hubs and Blender in an automotive context. For this purpose, different tires and car models were integrated into the meeting space.

In a focus group, employees of an automotive company were invited to a simulated meeting using different end devices. Employees were asked to decide for a tire model and a car color. The employees then evaluated the user experience of the meeting and discussed whether virtual online collaboration could replace a physical meeting. If you are interested in the results of the focus group or the expert interviews about virtual 3D collaboration, you can read the paper linked below.

My Role

My task was to edit existing models of cars and tires in Blender and adapt them to the meeting space, as well as create the prototype in Mozilla Hubs. I was also responsible for planning, conducting and evaluating the expert interviews and the focus group.


  • 5 expert interviews
  • Focus group with 4 subjects
  • Scientific paper


November 2021 - March 2022