Escapers Part 1

UI Design and Game Development


In collaboration with the LISAA Strasbourg School of Architecture and Art, the game Escapers was created. While it was the task of the LISAA students to design the architectural model for the game, the students of the Stuttgart Media University developed a desktop game based on it.

Therefore the model was remodeled in Blender and prepared for Unity. An interactive first-person game was then developed in Unity, in which players can navigate through the building. The players have to find a total of three keys and open locked doors in order to escape from the building.

A semester later, Escapers was upgraded to a VR game with more advanced puzzles. Click here to go to the project.

My Role

In the interdisciplinary project group I was responsible for the user interfaces that were designed in Figma and implemented in Unity. I also created a UI, first-person, navigation and camera controller in Unity. I also supported other project members with the modeling in Blender and the animation of game objects.


  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with French university
  • Workshop week in Strasbourg
  • Developed a desktop escape room game


October 2021 - Dezember 2021